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Our US and EU shipping approach in 2020

Perhaps the complaint we’ve heard most in our short lifespan as a company is “Why is shipping so expensive!?” And we get it. In an age of Amazon Prime and behemoths like Gloomhaven offering $10 worldwide shipping on their Kickstarters, our approach of charging actual shipping costs on our product was always understandably met with […]Continue reading »
Slasher Patches

Free Download – Snowbot-Builder Tink

Happy Holidays, USA! Chip Theory Games is excited to release the last of 2018’s promo chips, Snowbot-builder Tink! It turns out Tink doesn’t just build bots, he’s also an incredibly adept snow craftsman! Like our previous TMB alternate art promo chips, there’s no added gameplay benefit here, simply a fun alternate artwork for all you […]Continue reading »
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