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We’ve pretty much recovered from Origins and wanted to check in with some exciting news and notes! Undertow was a huge hit at Origins, and it was a blast to show it (and the original TMB for many folks) for the first time. The show was a phenomenal success, and we certainly see ourselves attending again in the future.

Game to Pick a Game!

So you all know (and have been asking a lot about) Cloudspire. Cloudspire is our next big box game coming to Kickstarter this October. We’ll have much more to say about Cloudspire at Gen Con and other outlets once Undertow is fulfilled. But we’ve had another (much, much smaller scope) product in the works for quite some time now, and we’ve decided that we’ll be bringing it to Kickstarter with a short and sweet 10-day campaign this July. We’ve set out to solve one of the great conflicts in history. One that tribes and factions have warred over for centuries. Gallons of blood have been spilled, and even on good days, resolution can seem nowhere in sight. We’re of course talking about: “What game should we play tonight, ya’all?” “I dunno.” “Catan?” “NO. Not Catan. Let’s do something quick and light like Sagrada.” “Uggggggghhhhh, stained glass windows? How absolutely riveting. Let’s play Vast!” “I only know how to play The Cave and I don’t feel like learning a new character. Dave, why don’t you pick?” “Uhhhhhh…I don’t really care what we play.” Soon weapons are drawn, Dave is impaled on a stake, careers are ended, families are split apart, property is destroyed, and worst of all NO GAME IS PICKED. Game night is already half over and no one is happy (least of all, Dave). It’s time to settle this argument at the Orc Council table like responsible adult orc warriors. GTPAG is a quick to play (5 minutes) game of social deduction, bidding, and light strategy in a compact package. As usual we’ll be coating it with a thick layer of theme as you take the role of an orc leader trying to rally the largest army to back their cause. Should you succeed in your recruitment, the fellow orc leaders at the table will yield and allow your game to be played without the unpleasantries of evisceration and decapitation. The game will be the most affordable CTG game to date, come with at least 5 unique chips for up to four players (additional characters/chips may be offered as add-ons) and make an fun, intriguing and quick way to settle game night debates, as well as a great gift for any fellow gamers in your life who suffer from indecision on game night…or any night really. GTPAG will be coming to Kickstarter on Tuesday, July 17th (in just a few weeks), so ah….surprise! We’ll have more on this in the coming weeks, but for now enjoy a bit of teaser artwork and prototype photos as you prepare to rally your orc clans! Adam and I have been itching to fit this game into our line-up for too long now. This game hearkens back to our main inspiration for our company name “Chip Theory Games”, which came from our love of poker chips, the tactile feel these pieces on a nice poker table, and the importance that components with real value and quality gave to decision making. Add to that the visual excitement created by chip stacks changing hands through the ebb and flow of the game and we are in our element. So back to GTPAG, besides providing a tool to solve an epidemic for gamer groups across the world, GTPAG adds a title to our line-up that pays homage to our original inspiration. Heavy chips, molded cases, PVC cards, opulent box, world-wide problem solver…super affordable. 😉 We hope you have fun with this one. We certainly are! Keep a look out for some Cloudspire goodness mixed in! We’ll see you soon with some more videos and information on the Waterlogged Book! –  CTG Team

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