New Too Many Bones’ Trove Chest Development Update!

trove chest
Anthony’s near-completed artwork for the inside tray fronts
This thing is massive. We have yet to receive the white box version of the chest, but we now have some images to share and work on all aspects has continued over the past month. Below, you can see the outer doors which we have changed from a large flap that flips upward, to more of a doorway fold. This will allow the box to sit inside a shelf, be opened, and trays removed without the need to hold the flap up with one hand. The center circle will be diecut and affixed (still testing this part), or included as part of the left door diecut. Either way, it will have magnets embedded to fasten to the right door.
Front of Box (White Box)
Here is a first look at the painted version of the Trove Box front
The circle will be wrapped so no open edges show OR it will be made part of the left panel.
Exact space is still being adjusted on all drawers. Mats are currently a tight fit that we will be altering.
Pick a tyrant, any tyrant.
CTG: Yeah…so…we want to protect this thing like it was a mac computer. Manufacturer:  That will be quite costly. Are you sure yo… CTG: Can you print cool designs on the foam and make it carryable?
Safe and Sound.
So that’s where things stand. Excited? We hope so, cause we are.

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