Your First Look at Cloudspire!

cloudspire post
“More information please!” “When will we be getting more information on Cloudspire?” “I didn’t back Game to Pick a Game because I’m saving my money for Cloudspire.” These are only a few of the things we’ve read from our online community as we’ve hunkered down working on our next big box title. We (perhaps foolishly) like keeping details on our upcoming games to ourselves to a large degree, and so you’ll have to come back on Oct. 16th to get the full story. However, as you’ve likely noticed on many of our social channels, we’re finally starting to pull back the curtain on our long-awaited take on the tower defense genre. Facebook Cover Photo Cloudspire final.png Cloudspire is a solo, PvP and cooperative game heavily inspired by a number of popular tower defense video games. While a handful of board games have attempted to make this genre work on the table, we felt strongly that there was an opportunity to make a mark in this space…CTG style. grovetenders blog2.png Taking place in the floating realm of Ankar, four factions (the grovetenders, heirs, brawnen, and narora) vie for supremacy in the sky. The focal point of this conflict is a powerful energy known as “the Source.” For centuries, the Source has kept these islands afloat and separate. Unfortunately, this energy has begun to deplete. In addition to the Source’s rarity making it more valuable, it appears fluctuations in the energy’s supply have caused several of these isles to crash into each other, allowing opportunities for invasion and bloodshed. heirs 2.png March, fly, and transport your units and constructs toward your enemy’s fortress while you simultaneously defend your own. Make clever use of auto-triggering abilities, or take risks on powerful skills that require precious resources to use. Stay on the path for quick and easy travel, or attempt to traverse dangerous terrain to avoid your opponent’s spires and units. You may even get a chance to terraform the map to your own advantage. The choices and strategies are many, but the goal is always the same: take out the enemy fortress before your own is destroyed. cloudspire promo Cloudspire’s final specs are still in flux while we continue to develop the game, but it will feature a number of large modular neoprene hex mats that will combine in numerous ways to create an ever-changing map. Similar to the Gearlocs of Too Many Bones, each Cloudspire faction will bring completely unique flavor and strategy to the game. The solo campaign will be broken down into episodes that follow the plight and battles of the individual factions, telling the story of the war from multiple viewpoints. Cloudspire is similar to Too Many Bones in terms of scope and depth and will launch on Kickstarter with a similar price point (final price still TBD). We cannot wait to show you what we’ve been working on! See you on Oct. 16! –  CTG Team

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