We’re so close to the finish line!


We know you’ve been waiting patiently for the latest word on everything Too Many Bones related, and we thank you for said patience. We too, have been waiting for word on a number of items, as well as waiting to sign off on numerous production samples. We are very close to the finish line and can’t wait for our backers to have these projects in their hands!

Timeline Update

Right now we are in that critical component approval stage. We’ve always taken our time with this phase in the past to make sure everything’s perfect. We’ve seen before that even with this extra time and a whole lot of triple-checking, sometimes things *still* go wrong, so we’re being more diligent than ever. We never, ever, ever want to deal with cards that come out too dark or bottom inserts that crack in transit again, so we’re putting everything under even more scrutiny than usual for Undertow to make sure that every single copy meets our standards from start to finish.

As you may know, approvals can range from straight-forward graphic approvals of box art or spot varnish placement to much more complex approvals such as final dice, card, and chip art sign-offs. Then we have approvals for our molded components like our box inserts, chip and dice holders, and all our tokens (including dice and chip molds).

So far, this process has gone quite smoothly overall. Even so, there has been a few items requiring modest to major rework. One of those items is our Scar tokens for Age of Tyranny. You all saw the graphic mockup of what we hoped to achieve with this component – and you can see below that the sample we received for approval was…well…not that.

Prototype On The (Left), Manufacturing Samples On The (Right)

Dice have required a few attempts to get the PMS colors correct and the process as flawless as it can be. With our second printing of Too Many Bones, we still received replacement requests for irregular crimped or damaged dice, even after changing this process a bit and doubling our QC personnel at the manufacturer. So, needless to say, this is a stage for Undertow that we do not want to rush.

We also may have another top secret upgrade for Undertow. It’s something we’re planning on adding provided it does not hold up the production of the game. It will knock your socks off if we can get it approved and produced in time, but we don’t want to show our hand yet in case there’s not the time or resources to bring it to completion in time. Hopefully, that’s enough of a tease to make you (tentatively) excited!

Too Many Bones: Undertow

We’ve worked countless late nights bringing Undertow development to a close. We LOVE this game, and can’t tell you how excited we are to share it with you. Most of what’s left to show you we want to keep as a surprise, but just know that we feel strongly that we’ve created a game/expansion that is easily the original’s equal in terms of creativity, theme, fun, and excitement.

Download Full Resolution PDF File

We haven’t had time to create in-depth playthrough videos quite yet (those will be coming soon), but for now take a peek at several of the final files that will be guiding your adventure, and a couple more new Encounters and Baddie Chips. With the new Adventuring Reference Guide, you’ll finally start to see some of the horrible Baddie Skills you’ll be forced to reckon with!


40 Days in Daelore

What a cool expansion this turned out to be! We’ve said this dozens of different ways already, but 40 Days is full of creative Encounters that will keep you guessing at every turn. Every Encounter is unique and adds a new twist that you haven’t seen before. We’ve even included a couple of new dexterity Encounters, as well as new Tyrant Encounters for Mulmesh, Nom, and Drellen to help fill in their backstories and allow you to change up the flavor of their adventures in the original game. Once this batch of content is in your hands, it should truly allow you to mix and match Encounter cards to create your ideal balance of peaceful and battle Encounters, as well as straightforward battles or creative craziness. There’s something here for everyone, and shuffling them in randomly will keep you busy for months. a.png

Age of Tyranny

We hope you realize what you were doing, incessantly demanding new Day 1-3 Encounters, because I’m not sure *we* knew what we were doing committing to 7 of each in this box! Finding creative ways to cross the Sibron while simultaneously adding interest, humor, and lore to the story was quite the undertaking! We’re excited and proud to say we’re pretty sure we’ve nailed it.

What you currently experience in Day 1-3 of Too Many Bones, was originally just going to be part of the character setup process before the game. You’d be handed a couple of options to start building your character, and off you’d go. We thought it more fun to make that portion of the setup playable to reduce setup time and add more theme, but obviously, players got a bit bored with these same three options game after game. These new Encounters needed to still function in this same way, meaning we couldn’t leave players with a really difficult battle or unable to Skill up for their adventure, so we twisted our brains in knots working to create some really unique thematic experiences that we think to accomplish exactly what they need to while adding some unique flavor, challenge, and story to your game. Take a peek at a couple of your new options below:


So what’s left?

Well as mentioned above, there are still a number of final component approvals that need to happen. We have yet to see final iterations of any of the new dice for the game, and we don’t yet have boxes in hand either. Given we’ve done dice and boxes before, we don’t expect any issues, but we mention it simply because if you’ve followed board game production before, you know that things can go wrong in the seemingly silliest and most unexpected of places.

Assuming we do not hit any weird snags along the way, we will keep the final approvals going until we’ve heard the boat has departed and is on its way. A few other things (such as boxes) are already approved and being printed as well. We are pushing to try to get Undertow onto a faster boat (yes that’s a thing, yes it costs money, yes we will pay it if we can) to make sure it gets here as soon as possible. While Kickstarter delays are commonplace at this point, we still take our delivery date very seriously, and every day past our estimate is painful to us. We will get this game and expansions into your hands as fast as we can possibly make it happen.

The other good news is that while component approvals grind our gears, they do provide opportunities to sneak in additional polish in places. Know that while we wait for samples and approvals and things of this nature, we’re not twiddling our thumbs. We continue to make small subtle improvements in every way we can, for as long as we can, until absolutely everything is past that crucial point of no return.

We’re so close to the finish line! Thanks for hanging in there with us. We’re not sure you even realize the amount of content that’s coming your way in all of these boxes, you’re going to be busy for a long, long time!



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