Volunteer with us at GenCon 2018



To those of you who volunteered with us at GenCon 50 and are thinking about returning this year, thank you for making the previous event such a success, and welcome back! To any newcomers: Hello and welcome! We’re excited you’re interested in joining our team this year at GenCon 51!

Volunteer Opportunities: 

Being a part of the CTG Volunteer team is a fun and unique experience! You’ll get the chance be a part of the behind-the-scenes excitement, play our newest games, such as Too Many Bones: Undertow, and have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals who are just as passionate about the gaming world as you are. All events are unique, with each location offering a wide variety of opportunities to participate in. Try your hand at demoing one of our board games or polish your communication skills on our sales floor. There’s something here for everyone.

Benefits and Perks:

This year we’re making our Volunteer benefits program even better with MORE thank you gifts. Every additional shift* you help with will increase the value of the perk you’ll receive:
  • 2 Shifts: CTG Embroidered Polo Shirt + $50 credit in our booth
  • 3 Shifts: CTG Embroidered Polo Shirt + 4-Day GenCon Pass
  • 4 Shifts: 2 CTG Embroidered Polo Shirts+ 4-Day GenCon Pass + $50 credit + TMB: Undertow shipped early
  • 5 Shifts: 2 CTG Embroidered Polo Shirts + 4-Day GenCon Pass + $100 credit + TMB: Undertow shipped early + CTG Collectors Pin Set!
* Event volunteer shifts are four hours in length. A minimum of 2 event shifts per volunteer is required.

Sign up and Join the Team:

Ok, so now that you’ve learned about all the amazing benefits and the exciting things you can expect to experience, you’re probably asking yourself how do I join this awesome team? Great question! Simply fill out the form below, describe your interest and hit the submit button. That’s it! Our Director of Event Operations, Andrew Chesney, will reach out to you and match your availability/interest to any remaining volunteer positions still available. Spots are limited and as always fill up very quickly, so be sure to submit the volunteer forum below as soon as you are ready to commit.

Volunteer Application for GenCon 2018 Event


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