Zeddrick’s grin couldn’t have been larger. “Bingo. You’ve done it!” he exclaimed. “Now step back from the wall and keep your hands and feet close to your body. This is an easy way to lose an extremity.”

For the second time in an hour, reality was turned upside down as every object the group knew to be real began to melt and morph into something completely different. Walls turned to foliage, metal floors to grass. They found themselves standing in front of a massive gate where the walls of the headquarters had just been. Beautiful homes stood just beyond the 20-foot iron barricade.

“That’s where we need to go,” Zeddrick said, pointing resolutely. The largest of the estates towered above the rest. “Time to pay Wentworth a personal visit.”

The group had stopped asking questions a long time ago. With the lack of satisfying answers, simple survival had taken precedence over education and curiosity. As if sensing this, Morelis offered up a bit of history.

“Zed and I set out to kill Wentworth over a year ago. We both infiltrated different parts of the Royal Company, trying to gather as much access as we could before making a move. We planned to meet inside the HQ, but my binding wasn’t strong enough, and I was pulled through a distortion. The Royal Company took me hostage experimenting with new technology to get around the distortions…that’s where I lost my face.”

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