The Automaton of Shale – now with 100% less Pop-up Book!

The Automaton of Shale All-Gameplay Bundle. Part of a complete Trove Chest!

You and Automato’n make it happ’n!

We’ve really done it this time! With an accidental crank of a lever, we’ve completely eliminated all of the pesky “books” and “puzzles” and “secrets” from our legendarily crazy Too Many Bones expansion, The Automaton of Shale!

What the heck is an Automaton of Shale? It’s a wild Too Many Bones adventure done in pop-up book form! The original product was overstuffed with needless preservatives like “solving puzzles” and “unlocking secret Too Many Bones characters” and “reading,” but it turns out that some mischievous CTG employees have messed around in the factory and gotten rid of all the fluff!

So what’s left? Just pure gameplay! A unique Too Many Bones adventure (including a unique Tyrant) that can be played front to back on its own, or even mixed into your other Too Many Bones content!

So wait no longer! Available for preorder during April with an exclusive $5 discount, this is your chance to finally fill out that last Tyrant storage box in your Trove Chest without needing to engage with all the other trivial, nonsensical and quality content that we spent literal years putting together for you to enjoy! Order today for May delivery!

What’s that you say?! You actually love reading and cool pop-up books and wild puzzley goose chases that serve to unlock secret Too Many Bones characters!? Well, have we got a deal for you. ALSO available exclusively in April is a bundle of our two most over-the-top products ever, the original Automaton of Shale pop-up book/gameplay collection and the Too Many Bones BrassMags! Grab them together for a limited time $35 discount! No foolin’!

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