Preparations for GenCon 51

“Sir, I see a container on the horizon – shall I ready us to battle stations?”
A huge number of Undertows have officially reached the CTG Headquarters and we’re loading up the trucks to get them ready for our journey to Indianapolis. This year’s GenCon 2018 is going to be an epic event! Not only are we setting aside product for Kickstarter pick-ups at the show but we are also gathering an abundance of CTG products to sell at the booth. We expect demand for Undertow to be very strong, and possibly sell out. So If you are anywhere near as excited as us to get your hands on all the luscious new products then you’ll surely need to make sure you come and see us at booth number 2927 as quickly as you can! gencon map2.png We are also extremely excited to welcome all our amazing volunteers that are helping us run this years’ events. A lot of them have already worked with us at multiple conventions and we are thrilled to keep renewing those friendships as well as adding new members to our growing family of Ambassadors. Stay up to date with all the latest information about our GenCon visit by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Now… I’m going to get a few hours of kip before the doors are opened to the public and the onslaught begins again! – Andrew (Gasket)

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