art for the base game is complete

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We can now say that *all* art for the base game is complete, with only Griege and select Portal Seekers content still being rendered. This is a significant milestone, and it’s been awesome to be that much more immersed in the theme of the game over the past month as we add more and more of Anthony’s beautiful work onto our prototype chips and cards.

This is the first game we’ve done full color art for on every single unit and structure. Full color art is an enormous undertaking, especially considering all the relics and events in the game. We’re well on pace for completion, and are cautiously optimistic that Anthony will still retain use of his drawing hand when it’s all said and done.

It’s kind of marvelous to look back on it all and realize the magnitude of what’s been accomplished as these final elements start to roll in.

The Minis are Ready!

The sculpts for the Cloudspire miniatures are now finished (aside from any tweaks we’d need to make specifically for the manufacturing process). Officially, each faction will now have minis in their own faction color (not yet represented in images below). We’ve started receiving some images from the manufacturer as they work on the final 3D sculpt from which they make the mould, check them out!

Can’t get enough of the beautiful artwork? Check out the Hardcover Lore and Scenario Book for more full color high resolution artwork from Anthony LeTourneau. Immerse yourself in the world of Ankar, with additional story content on every faction. Now available through the Cloudpire Kickstarter campaign.

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