Meet the first chip in the 2020 Promo Pack

New Promo Pack
Whether you be Gearloc, gateport hopper, or gladiator, greetings to you! Our much anticipated 2020 promo chip collection is currently in development, with future chip announcements to be rolled out in the coming months. However, we wanted to take a brief moment to spotlight one of the chips in particular, one we’d hoped to get to many of you far earlier than the Black Friday event where the promo pack will go on sale. Fans of our previous promo chip packs (which will also be available on Black Friday) know that the packs usually include at least one chip we had also been providing to fans who interact with us at conventions. For 2020, our convention chip was supposed to add a new landmark to the world of Ankar: the mysterious Cloudspider! cloudspider blog insert We were really excited to share this chip with you on the 2020 convention circuit… and then the convention circuit didn’t happen due to the coronavirus. While this is ultimately for the best until smarter minds than ours can get the virus under control, we’re disappointed that we won’t be able to get people this chip earlier, and we’re even more disappointed that we won’t be able to interact with some of our biggest fans during this necessary time of distancing. That being said, Cloudspider can still make its way into your heart and onto your table as one of the seven chips coming in our 2020 promo pack. What are the other six? You’ll have to wait and see. We’ll announce some of them here and there, and the pack (along with the other packs and our April Fool’s content, including the popular Gearloc Child) will be available from Black Friday, Nov. 27 through the end of the year.

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