Check out the latest artwork for Cloudspire!

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We’ve had Anthony locked in a room, unable to attend to his bees and chickens (yes, he raises bees and chickens. Of course he does, haven’t you seen his beard?) working on Cloudspire art for days. Check out some of these amazing pieces below!

Market (Merc) Hero
Market (Merc) Minion
Landmark Minion
Landmark Minion
Brawnen Hero
Heirs Heroes
Griege Units

Fortresses have continued to evolve. We have gorgeous artwork for all of them now, and we’ve made a few quality of life improvements to the UX. One-off upgrades now feature a symbol that corresponds to your faction reference sheet. Upgrades with prerequisites now are numbered in such a way that it’s easy to see if it’s a progressive upgrade. Check out some of the new Fortresses and reference changes below!

Heirs Fortress
Grovetenders Fortress
Griege Fortress
Narora Fortress

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