You've made it to the closing round. You must have had assistance!

This final clue is quite profound - defining your existence!

See long ago, the Council was much more than six old geezers.

They could craft most anything, from joints, and gears, and levers.


Their skills were so fine tuned that they began to push the limit,

using orbs and runes in dangerous ways, even nature would prohibit.

This vain pursuit intensified, all good inventions ended,

when the smartest of the six discovered life could be extended.


The world broke when time became a technicality.

All others knew you should not mess with immortality.


What happened then has since been purged, from every known archive.

And now new ages have emerged, making truth seem quite contrived.

How I know what I've disclosed, can not yet be revealed.

Once these Tyrants are disposed, I'll share what's been concealed.

But history, is not why you have sought to solve my riddles.

You were hoping for a treasure, found within this mess of scribbles.


I promise you a great reward, just pass this last progression.

Use the loot and path explored, that is my last suggestion!


Every riddle you have solved contains a greater clue,

I suggest you go reread the first to know what next to do.


Once you have your answer, come back to this very place.
Double check you've got it right, then key it in the space.