Interesting...given a choice between /remedy or /evil and you choose remedy. Honesty is a treasured quality among Gearlocs so I'm inclined to believe you. Either way, your true colors will be exposed soon enough. But let's get to why you are here.

First of all, I am Mirawatt, Mira is fine. Gearlocian? Yes, but I'm likely a "tad" older than you. Anyway, why ARE you here? are perceptive and noble, that much I know...and willing to be part of a solution to Daelore's problems...yes...I think you will do nicely.

Time for you to make a decision: Walk away, forget my name, go on your misguided adventure to rid Daelore of Tyrants and come home a hero and none the wiser. Or, prove to me you can handle a story that's more than skin deep and solve my challenges. Then, fully enlightened, become the hero you were destined to be.