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The Lost Cities

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Abilities and Equipment

Depends on the Ability.

Some are used after an attack, others before or after your move, and others during other player's turns. Each Ability will indicate when it is used in its description. The important thing to remember is that Abilities are not like Innates, as they can only be used once per turn. 

A: Original TLC Rulebook states that Champions and Boss Beasts/Criminals may not be displaced. This rule has since been since been removed (sometime in 2013). Now, the omission of this rule means that it is possible to Hurl/Seismic Hurl and Pull/Extreme Pull any unit.

All Skills may affect all Bosses, Titans, and Champions unless otherwise noted (a few Titans have exceptions).

Seismic Hurl throws an adjacent unit anywhere within a 3 hex range from the champion.

Quite Enjoyable.

Yes, Gladiators can affect Champions with their skill and vice versa!

"Intercept Blow" can only block Basic Attacked made on a unit adjacent to the unit with this Ability.

This means it cannot block damage from things like Whirlwind or Long Shot, as these are not Basic Attacks. Damage from other things like Tactics or from end game Prep Area penalties and also not Basic Attacks. 

"Intercept Blow" must take the entire amount of damage.

So if a unit is hitting your archer for 4 damage, and your archer has 2 HP. The unit with Intercept Blow that chooses to use they Ability, would have to take 4 damage.

Likewise, if the unit with Intercept Blow only has 1 HP, and Intercepts a 4 damage hit, it will Intercept all 4 damage (its basically jumping in the way of the entire attack). 


"Intercept Blow" can only be used once per turn.

If a Beast is adjacent to 3 of your units (let's say 2 Archers and a Defender), and performs a Basic Attack (which hits all 3), your Defender, can only use Intercept Blow to take the damage from one of the 2 archers (provided the Defender survives the hit to himself first).  

It adds to it.

Gaining an additional Alt Attack simply means you have yet another option for your one attack you get each turn. You may now use either your Basic, Alt, or your other Alt Attack.


Two tacticians adjacent to the same unit, grant that until 2 extra yellow Attack Dice to roll if making a Basic Attack. And if those tacticians are adjacent to each other as well, they each grant each other 1 yellow Attack Die to roll.  


Even as such a unit is being struck down, it will still lash out with one final blow in retaliation.

Siren Shriek is an Alt Atk.

To be used within the Atk Phase. This Alt Atk may be listed at an Ability in some rulebook versions and will be corrected in future printings.

Solo and Co-op vs Arena

No. These chips are to be set aside, out of play. 

This is often used as a path to victory as you will see in some of Ricky Royal's playthroughs. If you can manage to eliminate all the Arena beasts and criminals, you may have a much easier time defeating the Boss.

Crowd Favor chips are placed in one of the 3 Crowd Favor Prep Area spots when earned to show they are available to you.

Once a spot frees up in your City Prep Area, a player may shift a Crowd Favor chip up to his/her City Prep Area to keep those slots full (important for the end of the game).

No, that is only for PvP.

Each Boss acts differently.

Chase Down: Damages nearest unit only for 4. Swing Rush: Damages farthest unit only for 3. Mass Constrict: Moves adjacent to most possible units at once and rolls 2 black Attack Dice (deal result to all units).

If Beast is combat-locked when initiating a special attack (rolling 6) he disengages from the combat-locked situation and is repositioned following it's instructions, becoming conbat-locked again (it's possible that this new position is the same hex).


Each Scenario/Round is EXACTLY like starting a brand new game with the exception of 2 items.

  1) Starting quantity of Beasts/Criminals

  2) Champion health matches the amount it ended the previous Scenario/Round with.

Beast and Criminals

The unit has to stop. It cannot walk on by.

Sadly, this also means you cannot "pivot" around the Beast while remaining adjacent as this is still considered a move.


However, as new Beasts and Criminals join the battle from the cages, they cannot move the turn they come out (they can still attack though). 


No, when adjacent to his target he will not move.

Criminals and Bosses will always try to perform a move that will bring it closer to the target Champion/Gladiator, using the shortest most direct route. If that move isn't possible because its path is blocked by units, it will move around them, but only if that move takes him closer. If such a move isn't possible it will instead move sideways to another hex equal distance from the Champion/Gladiator if possible. If this in turn isn't possible it will not move.

Elephants move at their move range - no dice rolls.

An Elephant standing on a Gladiator, will move toward its next target and trample them if it is within range (2 hexes away). If no other Gladiators are that close, the Elephant will move off the unit it is currently trampling and stay adjacent to it.

They WILL Trample on consecutive turns if other targets are in range!


While Trample is an innate skill that happens on the Move Phase, because the Elephant is on top of the Champion/Gladiator, no attack happens (other than the Trample damage of 1 and the Stun). However, it IS possible for Hannibal Barca to Trample your Champion and then attack one of your other gladiators if they are in range. This is because of Champion Bound (Innate).

While standing on the Champion, it’s "not in range" and therefore Barca will set his eyes on the next target that IS in range. On Barca's next turn, it will move off of your Champion (as per the Trample rule), but will always stay next to your Champion because of Champion Bound.

Therefore, the ONLY way Barca could use Trample two turns in a row is if one of your Gladiators was standing in the way of the most direct route to your Champion.



Tactics must be played during your Deployment Phase.

Even if you play a Gladiator, you are still able to play 1 Tactic during your Deployment Phase (this is what gives them value as they may be played along with a gladiator). Remember, you must be within Tactical Range of an enemy to play a Tactic on them.

They have no other stats other than their health.

In solo, they activate when they take damage or when Crowd Favor reaches level 1. In PVP they only activate at Crowd Favor level 1.

Yes, it is possible for a Champion (in versus mode) to be defeated without it ever activating. It is beneath a Champion to fight if the crowd is not behind them.


1) No chips at all.
2) 1 Chip: 1 Gladiator or 1 Tactic.
3) 2 Chips: 1 Gladiator and 1 Tactic.

Never 2 Gladiators or 2 Tactics.

Place the Tactic on the unit being stuned.

This unit must ignore all stats and skills (cannot move or attack) for one full turn. The chip is removed during the 'Stun Tactic' owner's next Deployment Phase. Precisely one full turn for each player will have passed. Remember, Champions and Bosses cannot be stunned by a Stun Tactic, but they can be stunned by a gladiator with that Ability.

The Arena always takes it's turn after ALL PLAYERS have taken theirs.

This goes for both solo and 2/3 player Co-op. So P1, P2, and P3 take their turns, then Arena takes one turn.


You can attack any enemy, no matter who you are combat-locked with.


“Reposition” is an Alt Attack that is unrelated to it's move range. Though you can bet that Defender had to get creative with his hammy slit!

Yes. Movement range would be whatever the +Movement Tactic offers.

So an Attacker with 2 movement gets Hamstrung (brought to 0 movement), and then uses Adrenaline (+1 movement). The Attacker now has a move range of 1.


Tacticians and Defenders CAN help your fellow gladiators.


The wording has been changed for Rise of Rome and Origns to simply state that ranged attacks do not require line of sight. Any unit with combat range of 2 (or more) can attack anyone within range, including units with “Flying” ability like the Emerald Falcon.


However, consistent with the difference between TLC and RoR in how Crowd Favor (CF) points are awarded, in TLC, you only get CF for destroying the crate entirely (grants 2 CF).  

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