Josh Carlson
Game Designer / CTG Co-Owner

Besides working with Adam on game design, Josh handles all visual aspects of CTG from developing Kickstarter videos and images to all graphic design related to game concepting and development (box, chips, dice, cards, etc). He also handles all manufacturing aspects and details. In his free time...hah...gimme a sec...that was his "free time", Josh enjoys playing disc golf, board gaming (of course), taking treks to the Boundary Waters, and watching professional League of Legends tournaments while dreaming of the day he will bring a viable Heimer build to the current meta...always the bot-builder. 
Josh, his wife, Serena, and their new baby, Cora, live in Plymouth, MN...about 1 mile away from Adam Carlson.
Josh (1)
Adam Carlson
Game Designer / CTG Co-Owner

On top of game design with Josh, Adam takes care of the entire CTG fulfillment side of things. This includes daily order fulfillment, setting up and maintaining our local and international KS fulfillment relationships, and managing the overall quality standard of our games. He also handles all aspects of our convention preparation, from setting our events, to organizing our staff. Adam also enjoys disc golf, board gaming (of course), and taking treks to...Chipotle. Adam has been known to randomly appear at game stores around MN, challenging kids to Pokemon (Trading Card Game) and blowing them up with his 1st Ed Moltres burn deck. You may also find him online, roaming an original EQ server offering help to newbs camp for fishbone earrings...and then binding them in the middle of a hostile zone. 
Adam, his wife, Mikenzie, and their two children, Evelyn and Timothy also live in Plymouth, MN...about 1/2 mile away from Chipotle.
Josh Wielgus
Chief Social Media and Content Strategist

Josh has quickly climbed the 1-rung ladder of CTG and is now right in the middle of all things Chip Theory. This guy has been a Godsend. With the success of Too Many Bones, CTG needed help keeping our digital presence fresh and up-to-date. Josh (Ghillie) quickly stepped in just at the right time to shoulder some of the load, specifically with CTG's social media, ad campaigns, website and general PR. Josh is an avid console game collector with an unnatural obsession with a particular plumber. He is also quickly becoming hooked on Star Wars: Destiny, which he plays instead of helping us develop new TMB content. This will be brought up in his next review. 
Josh lives in Madison, WI with his beautiful wife and two kids...about 10 miles away from lots of farmland and cheese.
Anthony LeTourneau
Illustrator - Subcontractor

Anthony has been illustrating for two of our titles (Hoplomachus:Origins and Too Many Bones). His art is vibrant, has lots of depth, and is like nothing we have seen before. This style coincides perfectly with our company direction and we hope to keep using his talents in future titles. Anthony hails from northern Minnesota and besides helping CTG, he's a full-time teacher and pastor. Whew! 
James Boutilier
Writer - Subcontractor

James joined us during the deveoplent of Too Many Bones. His writing style has an edge to it that really brought out the characters personalities within the TMB backstory, the Encounters, and of course within the Liberation Logbook. James did an excellent job with the TMB lore and we can't wait to develop and flesh that out even further in future expansions and titles! He's currently working on stories and Encounters for TMB: Undertow.
CTG is always looking for help. While still small, we are seeing steady growth. If you have experience in any areas that may fit, from rulebook editing and proofing to an interest in play testing or helping at conventions, we would love to hear from you! Just fill out the following form to let us know your areas of expertise.